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The blues forms the root of much of the music that is popular today.  Blues as a genre is  characterized by the texts, bass lines and instrumentation used. Only in the course of the first decades of the 20th century did the shape most commonly used today, the AAB pattern, emerge. In the early blues, the loose narrative form was common.

As a popular form of music in the Afro-American community, the blues has long since distinguished itself from other styles  Soul,  Hip hop  or  R'n'B  been replaced, but he lives in the work of white, as well as Afro-American artists such as  Susan Tedeschi, Luther Allison,  Stevie Ray Vaughan  and others further.

White Rock`n Roll, which was so successful in the mid-50s, resulted in a merger with the  traditional black blues, which has since become rockier.  

The songs offered here come from current artists and bands who still feel connected to this genre. Game styles, occupations   and interpretation are very different and not infrequently a mixture of traditional and contemporary musical influences. It  But there are also classics here in their contemporary translation.


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