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The term folk, which comes from English, should not be translated as folk music, because this musical genre has nothing to do with it. What we produce in Germany as folk or folk music likes to propagate the ideal world of bourgeois values and stands with it  both with his statement and your concern  almost in the opposite direction to folk.

Folk finds its starting point in the traditional folklore of the respective countries and was therefore characterized for a long time by the use of acoustic, sometimes rarely played instruments.  In the USA today, however, folk is more associated with mostly left-wing political values. In Europe, on the other hand, folk sees itself more as a rediscovery of one's own musical and rather non-political traditions. Irish folk is probably the prime example of the European understanding of folk in our part of the world.

Bob Dylan brought an electric guitar and his whole band to the stage for the first time at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. The transition between folk and rock music has been more advanced since the 1970s, and today folk is by no means synonymous with the exclusive use of acoustic instruments.  For example, there are musical crossovers between folk and country as well as between folk and punk. The ways of playing  are therefore very broad.

The songs offered here come from current artists and bands who still feel connected to this genre. Game styles, occupations   and interpretation are very different and not infrequently a mixture of traditional and contemporary musical influences. It  But there are also classics here in their contemporary translation.


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