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The term `jazz` was first used in 1971 by a" white "Dixieland band and still connects us to a very large extent with famous Afro-American bands  Musicians. Its golden years seem to be over and yet it influences almost all popular music of today to a considerable extent, because without intensive contact with jazz there is hardly any well-founded one today  musical education  possible.

It is often difficult to experience jazz live far away from the big metropolises. Jazz enthusiasts have become rare.  Connects with the term jazz  Many music consumers have rather unclear expectations and not infrequently fear in long-knitted improvisations and confusing, entangled rhythmic processes  the reference  to lose. Unfortunately, this overlooks the fact that this is exactly where excellent   Instrumentalists at their best  and so a majority of live music fans often miss a grandiose musician experience.

The songs offered here come from current artists and bands who still feel connected to this genre. Game styles, occupations   and interpretation are very different and not infrequently a mixture of traditional and contemporary musical influences. It  But there are also classics here in their contemporary translation.


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