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The one driven by drums  Guitar rock embodies one   harder paces everything known and  in the 70s initially united everything loud and fast under the collective term  Heavy metal.  

Since the 80s, numerous sub-styles of metal have also emerged.  The range of today  The techniques and playing styles used is enormous and ranges from extremely simple, rhythmically mostly driving song structures to complex compositions with certain parallels to classical music.  

Hard rock bands like Deep Purple paved the way for metal and legends like Iron Maden, Saxon and Judas Priest helped create an incredibly large fan base around the world in the 80s.

The line-up with drums with double bass drum, electric bass, 1 or 2 guitars and vocals could be described as the original line-up of metal.  With increasing complexity, however, more and more instruments were added over the years and thus also brought influences from other musical styles with them. The flute and fiddle, for example, were borrowed from folk and made folk metal from them.

Still plays  in metal alongside the double bass drum  Guitars sound the crucial role. High distortion and amplification, as well as massive interventions by the equalizer  in the highs and lows of the guitars,  like the almost metallic clicking bass drum  or a distorted electric bass  are almost mandatory for the expected powerful metal sound.

The songs offered here come from current artists and bands who feel connected to this genre.  Playing styles, occupations   and interpretation are partly different but always united in the desire to shout out a message.


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