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Rock, a term that is fascinatingly complex and at the same time frustratingly vague. Some celebrate rock as a counterculture, as a folk or art form that is able to express the needs and values of an active, rebellious audience, others describe it as a manifestation of mass culture, as a meaningless reflection of the malicious machinations of commercial record industries that incapacitate their performers and listeners . Still others understand rock not just as a musical movement, but as a way of seeing the world, as a way of life - a point of view that also leads to the distinction between "authentic" and "commercial" rock.

According to Brockhaus, the characteristics of rock music include an earthy " blues diction in vocal and instrumental melodies, a standardized band line-up consisting of vocals, guitars, bass and drums (also supplemented by keyboards), creative improvisation as well as electroacoustic preparation and amplification".

This is exactly where we come into play with our FOH mixer and so it is hardly surprising that the most common sound jobs today somehow always involve rock music  has to do.  Loud roar from guitar boxes and bass amps, ecstatic drummers and vocals, which range from angelic to steam hammer, it means to get a grip and to create a sound from everything that makes the body in the audience to protect and the ears to astonish.

The songs offered here come from current artists and bands who feel connected to this genre.  Playing styles, occupations   and interpretation are partly different but always united in the desire to shout out a message.


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