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Another anglicism in the music world. What is meant here is usually a musician who performs his own songs. Bob Dylan  is well known to most and although it is not entirely clear whether he founded this genre, his name is probably inextricably linked with this art form. In German-speaking countries, the term songwriter has long been used to denote this musical song  Genres, but as so often  In the end, the more international term has prevailed.

The artists gain attention primarily through their demanding, often politically influenced texts, regardless of the language used. Franz Joseph Degenhardt and Reinhard Mey are certainly well-known songwriters in this country.

Our focus at the FOH is always to ensure that the text is understandable, often in combination with guitar or piano.  The difficulty is often in using suitable microphones live, since the vocalist is usually also the instrumentalist, which often leads to changing microphone distances, which almost requires the use of a compressor on the vocals. On the other hand, the performance lives from dynamics and the liveliness of the vocal performance, which speaks against such a processing of the dynamics.  

So a sure instinct is required here, although the task is due to the few signals / Chanels to be processed  does not seem particularly complex at first.

To reassure those who would like something more complex, there are also small, mostly acoustic ones  Bands that are also counted in this genre today, because the limits are like in almost all more popular musical styles  often fluent here too.

The songs offered here come from current artists and bands who still feel connected to this genre. Game styles, occupations   and interpretation are very different and not infrequently a mixture of traditional and contemporary musical influences. It  But there are also classics here in their contemporary translation.


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