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There's such a thing with world music.  Of the  demonized one because they use a Eurocentric point of view. Loved by the others because it provides a nice drawer into which everything fits easily, which somehow indicates non-western forms of music. So for us the chance to get to know rare instruments and to serve them to the audience's ears in a wholesome form.


Live these productions in particular often present an interesting challenge, because  predominantly acoustic instruments are used and the stage is full of microphones. Crosstalk between the microphone channels, chants and pure  acoustic instruments such as harp, jambe or sitar   require some skill in the audio implementation via an electrically amplified system in order to produce the expected feel-good sound, the  at the end of the day counts.

The songs offered here come from current artists and bands who still feel connected to this genre. Game styles, occupations   and interpretation are very different and not infrequently a mixture of traditional and contemporary musical influences. It  But there are also classics here in their contemporary translation.


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