HER | PROMO CD | Single copy

HER | PROMO CD | Single copy


HER | PROMO CD - single copy


HER are one of the bands we’ll bring to you this darn’s year  2020 wanted to present, because all good things come in 3. After 2 mega rocking  We invited you to our SOUND BARBARA concerts again. Although a few concerts would have been possible for a short time in the summer of 20,  the whole tour and with it, of course, the concert we planned for June 20, 2020 for the known reasons.


If you hope, like us, to be able to experience HER again in the future, you can  with this special CD  bridge the waiting time.


This CD is still a forerunner of their first CD "Revolution", which was released in 2016, and is therefore all the more interesting because it is not officially available in stores.


(01) With Trash Country Boy

(02) Family Tree

(03) Where Did All The $ Go

(04) My Backyard

(05) Six Figures

(06) Deep In The Country

(07) Put Me In The Ground

(08) Raise A Little Hell

(09) Be My Love (Live from Sun Studios)


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