Jeremiah Johnson | HEAVENS TO BETSY | Single copy

Jeremiah Johnson | HEAVENS TO BETSY | Single copy


Jermiha Johnson | HEAVENS TO BETSY  -  Single copy


We got to know Jeremiha when he was with the blues caravan, a kind  a small blues festival, took a look at us in Lichtentanne. It was, so to speak, 1/3 of the Blues Caravan, which RUF-Records puts together anew every year and lets it roll through the clubs in our country.


We were so enthusiastic about his performance that we booked him for a SOLO show with his band. On March 24th, 2019 the time had come. To plan another concert, we received his current CD in 2020. Unfortunately the concert didn't take place for a long time, but it is at the top of our wish list.


This CD was released in 2020 and contains  12th  Songs.


Salesperson:  Liederbuch eV