Joseph Parsons Band | LIVE 2 | Only 2 pieces

Joseph Parsons Band | LIVE 2 | Only 2 pieces


Joseph Parsons Band | LIVE 2  - originally welded


This CD is something very special for fans of song book concerts.


Josep Parsons toured permanently and with different line-ups. Studio albums with band members or as a whole appear regularly  classic, with  Singersongwriter recordings and always find interest among the enthusiastic Parsons fans. But in order to give the visitors of his live concerts something special along with the concert experience, there are LIVE CDs on which you can find excerpts from various concerts.


In 2014 Joseph wanted to produce a second LIVE CD. So incentive enough for us to put a song from a songbook concert on this disc.  In 2014 we recorded the SOUND BARBARA concert of the Joseph Parsons Band in Lichtentanne and gave the recording to Joseph. 


It  It turned out that the concert and the recordings were so good that Joseph decided to use all the songs for his new live CD. With "LIVE 2" one came into being  CD containing 17 tracks of the  Concert from 02.26.2014 a complete songbook concert  contains.


The CD will  not in public trade, but only during it  Concerts offered.


Salesperson:  Liederbuch eV