Sound engineering - what is it and what does a sound engineer actually do?


This script for the  Workshop - SOUND BASICS.


Compressed to the really most important basic knowledge from the various areas of natural science, you will find out everything you need on 30 pages in order to then continue with the various components of the audio signal chain, the 100o devices and the almost unlimited possibilities of signal processing  to be able to deal with it.


This script does not claim to explain the topic of audio engineering in a comprehensive way, it is intended to give you an impetus  give you to deal more intensively with the most beautiful thing in the world and gives you the basics and insights into the work of a sound engineer.


Here is a short excerpt from the table of contents:


7.3. Signal transmission 

7.3.1. The symmetrical signal transmission

7.3.2. The unbalanced signal transmission

7.3.3. It is buzzing - now what?


The script can be downloaded as a PDF document immediately after purchase.