Walking by myself | JUSTCATFISH | cover

Walking by myself | JUSTCATFISH | cover


jaustcatfish | Gerry Moor | Walking by myself (cover)

The jam band justcatfish plays this cover song in the style of the classic power trios.

No matter which DAW you use as a player, you can import all audio and video files contained in the TraxPack into a DAW of your choice. You can find more information on configuring a DAW and using the sound and video material in the Read Me Information that comes with every MixLiveTrax song.

The following content can be found in this package:

  • Track length 02:46 min
  • 12 mono tracks with 24bit / 48kHz sampling rate: Kick in | Kick out | Snare up | Snare bottom | HiHat | Tom high | Tom Floor | Overhead links | Overhead R | Electric bass | E-Guitar | Main vocal
  • 1 stereo reference mix with 24bit / 48kHz sampling rate
  • 1 full HD video
  • 01-MixLiveTrax-Red Me.pdf

Note: No rights of use are transferred with the acquisition of the sound and image material. The reproduction, public performance and presentation of the sound and image recordings, in whole or in part, in processed or unprocessed form, including the compositions or other content contained therein, to be copied, distributed, publicly performed, presented or made publicly accessible are expressly permitted excluded and require the approval of the respective rights holder. The audio and video material is only to be used for private exercises.