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How does the OneYearFlat work ?


Your OneYearFlat is not a classic subscription that causes you follow-up costs in addition to the one-time purchase price, or that you have to cancel in good time in order not to extend it. At the end of the term, ie 12 months after your purchase, we will be happy to make you an offer to extend your OneYearFlat for a further 12 months at a reasonable price. If you do not react to this offer, or if you decline the offer, you will not receive any further songs or e-mails from us.


Before buying, you should decide on one of the formats offered by OneYearFlat . You can currently purchase complete song projects for the following DAW:


  • Presonus StudioOne V4 or higher

  • CUBASE 10 or higher

  • GarageBand

  • Mixbus 6 / 32C


Or you can opt for the TraxPack , in which you receive the complete audio and video material for every MixLiveTrax song for import into a DAW of your choice.


What does the OneYearFlat include ?


  • After your purchase you will receive a link which you first seven different MixLiveTrax you - can song download in your chosen format you and get started - songs, that from every style of music offered You get a MixLiveTrax.


  • In addition, you will receive a MixLiveTrax - Bonus -Song that is not offered in the shop.


  • No later than the following month after you bought your OneYearFlat, you will get 12 times each month and fully automatic another MixLiveTrax - song before it appears new in our shop and emerge without you for additional costs.


When using the image and sound material, please note the terms of use , which you automatically accept by purchasing this product.


Are there any other services or discounts for buyers of the OneYearFlat ?


YES, because with the purchase of your OneYearFlat you also get the following:


  • You can email us your questions about sound engineering at any time within 12 months of the purchase date. We will always answer you in writing as soon as possible or call you back if you wish. The email address you can use to contact us is included in your package.


  • If you want, you can send us the OneYearFlat 2 of your live mixes that you have created with your MixLiveTrax for evaluation during the 12-month term. We would be happy to write you a review and, if necessary, give you a few helpful hints.


  • As you may know, we also give sound engineering workshops and even with a real band on stage. At you can find out everything about the content and dates of the partly 3-day workshop sessions. During the 12-month term of the OneYearFlat , you will receive a 15% flat discount on every ticket purchased for you, which will be paid to you in cash at the workshop date based on your ticket price.

Promotion is valid from 01.05. until May 30, 2021

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